TME Education June Activity Report

June was a hard-working month for TME Education. Series of workshops, educational meetings, conferences and classes at schools are merely a part of the activities we managed to carry out. Having said that, let's move on to the examples.

In DPS Rudrapur, Uttarakhand over 50 students participated in a seven-day training on basic STEM and Scratch programming. They learnt about basic electronics that is a breadboard, LED, resistance, etc. Also, they found out how to create a simple game using Scratch programming. They learnt about the functioning and features of the Arduino board and some small programs like LED blinking and button programming using Arduino IDE and Embedded C. They seemed very pleased and excited as they asked us to come again for the next workshop sessions on advanced electronics.

In KV Rohini, Delhi, on the other hand, training for both students and teachers on Arduino programming and advanced electronics was successfully carried out. More than 30 people attended the workshop. They were already quite experienced in those matters so we decided to proceed to extended Arduino for LCD and matrix display programming. The attendees got to know about RTOS concepts and how to integrate IoT with some user interface elements. They made a dashboard that could show a real-time sensor value by using the IoT system.

Let's now take a look at how things were in Mozambique. In June we concluded the workshop on IoT using Arduino for final-year students from Joaquim Chissano University in Maputo. The turnout was 40 people learning about microcontroller and Arduino concepts, digital inputs and outputs, the Bluetooth module, doing exercises to show the variation of the potentiometer and brightness sensor on a serial monitor or controlling the intensity of the RGB LED with a potentiometer and a lot more. Also, at the same time, a workshop explaining the concept of IoT was conducted at Instituto Médio Profissional de Contabilidade e Gestão Empresarial in Maputo.

That’s just some part of the action that was undertaken in June. The above-mentioned activities are only an example of the projects that TME Education managed to complete. We continue to spread education and make it available to those who need and want it!

Kacper Stawiany, TME Education Team