The First Quarter of 2023 - a good opening to the year

The first quarter of 2023 has already passed which means that we can now summarize the activities that we have managed to complete during this time. It is worth noting that the organized workshops and educational activities have different qualities: they are conducted in schools of various levels, from primary to higher education, and cover various topics - solar technology, C programming, Arduino programming or mobile phone repair. We managed to visit over 20 countries: mostly African ones plus India, which resulted in meeting a lot of new students, both young and more experienced ones.

Starting from Nigeria, our ambassadors had the opportunity to conduct some of their classes in the Green Garage in Akure to train participants from local University on the use of technology and embedded systems. At Junior High School Mosalaisi in Lagos, the workshop had a dive into electronics and hardware for the students. Another one, at Ajegunle covered a range of topics, such as programming, hardware and troubleshooting.

In Botswana, our team was also active during the training sessions at Lethakane and Bobonong villages. The classes were conducted to address the youngest electronics enthusiasts. The topics covered switches, diodes, transistors, how to take measurements in an electric circuit, theory of solar energy explanation or practical approach to connect a load to the solar panels e.g. connection of a motor to a solar panel. At Villa STEM Club an intense training on electronics and programming with the club members took place. Some practical assignments on electronics and programming were done. The classes consisted of issues such as bipolar transistor amplification capabilities test, humidity indicator, multi-tone sound generator, adjusting the gate voltage, optoelectronics and multivibrator. At the end, the students could present their own innovative projects.

In Ugandaworth mentioning is the workshop at Jinja Vocational Training Center which attracted a total of 17 students pursuing a national diploma in electrical engineering and 2 college instructors. The key areas covered in a period of 20 days were C programming in detail, power supply design, Arduino input and output basics, 4 different LED animations, Arduino seven segment display basics and more. In addition, our other workshops were also attended by students from Kabale University, Nkumba University and CSCA visitors.

The biggest event and the culmination of our work in the first quarter of 2023 was the celebration of Arduino Day 2023. As every year, TME Education took part and was the largest co-organizer of this event in Africa. 20 countries participated in 22 events and celebrated it in different, ingenious ways: bringing communities together, presenting new ideas ang projects or sharing birthday cakes specially prepared for the occasion.

The first quarter was very busy for our community. Nevertheless, it brought us a lot of satisfaction and motivation to continue our work. The examples mentioned above are just a few of the series of workshops and activities that we managed to organize in parts of the world. For more details, follow us on social media and participate in our initiatives.

Kacper Stawiany, TME Education Team