Through vocational skills to community benefit - TME Education Phone Repair Workshops.

Can one's skills change the world? Pragmatically speaking - maybe to some limited extent. Practically speaking - yes and in various dimensions. TME Education has launched mobile phone repair classes in Kenya and Uganda. The project's tutors, Abisalom Okoth and Mohammed Makumbi, are providing practical courses to individuals that would like to gain strong vocational skills to improve their future employment perspectives or start their own businesses. TME Education workshops on mobile phone repair connect the knowledge, hands-on-case experience and real-life cases. The participants learn the whole process in a student-friendly environment and get the opportunity to work on actual broken devices, find professional solutions and polish their customer service techniques while working with clients.

Promoting vocational skills is among TME Education's focus areas. Electronics and technology are disciplines that require much stress on practical training and experiments as well as determination and dedication to master them. However, a qualified specialist can shape the reality of one's community by facilitating access to professional services and improving the local quality of living.

TME Education mobile phone workshops promote vocational skills and link learning and business. However, they bring out yet another important issue of the modern world - the growing amount of e-waste. Many smartphone users when facing any damage occurring to their devices are very likely to acquire a new item instead of getting them fixed even in case of some minor flaws. Such tendency within the consumer decision process affects not only the home budget but also the environment as more and more countries face the problem of the impact of growing e-wastelands on their ecosystem and society. Spreading knowledge on phone repair technology can spare both some money in one's pocket and slow down environmental deterioration.

TME Education promotes a holistic approach to electronics learning through its workshops and initiatives just like Community Changemakers with TME Education

. Now phone repair workshops joined the range of the programme's educational offer and more skill-focused actions are yet to be announced.